Social Security Representative Payee


This program serves an average of 55 clients throughout each year.

A monthly service fee of $38.00 is charged to cover all services each month.

The goal of this program is to assist clients with managing their monthly Social Security benefit amount to secure stable housing and to avoid crises with food and shelter.

Clients may also be connected to other social services, as reflected in their needs assessment. Some examples of these services include:

Home Owners

Assisted through the Rep-Payee's guidance and management to have funds set aside to avoid tax sale on their homes.

Negative Rental History

These clients are helped through negotiation with landlords which has included reduction of security deposit in order to make housing affordable on their limited income. In some cases, the landlord is willing to take smaller payments included with rent to satisfy the security deposit.

Homeless Clients

The Rep-Payee works for the client to obtain suitable housing. Many clients in this situation are served through BCCAA's Supportive Housing Program.

History of Incidences with the Law

Repeated incidences with the law which result in Costs and Fines payments. The Rep-Payee maintains a good relationship with local authorities and in most cases is able to negotiate a reasonable monthly payment for the client's fines. Gradually, many of the client's fines are paid off and incarceration is avoided. These clients are encouraged to not repeat those incidences with the law and actually address goal plans that focus on changing their behavior to not incur additional fees. In many cases, the clients learn that they have more income for themselves when the fines payments are eliminated.

Working with the Social Security Administration

The Rep-Payee also functions as a advocate between the client and the Social Security Administration (SSA) to ensure the client receives the correct benefit amount and the appropriate medical coverage according to the client's case category. On many occasions, the Rep-Payee applies or reapplies for Medicaid and Medicare coverage as their eligibility requirements constantly change.

Rep-Payee also works with the SSA to:

Additional responsibilities of Rep-Payee for each beneficiary served to SSA: