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Customer Assistance Program (CAP)

The Customer Assistance Program (CAP) is First Energy's bill payment assistance program. The program is mandated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. CAP is designed to make electric more affordable for low-income families. There are three primary components to the program.

The first component of CAP is the bill subsidy. CAP offers a bill that is based on a percentage of the customer's monthly gross household income instead of their actual usage. First Energy subsidizes 9pays) the difference between the customer's actual usage and their cap payment. The underlying philosophy is that in lower income households a greater percentage of the household income goes towards paying for utilities. Generally, in a CAP household no more than 6% of the income will go to pay their electric bill. If a customer's actual usage is less than their CAP Payment then the customer will pay the actual usage.

The second component is the debt forgiveness. If a customer has a past due bill when enrolled into CAP, the outstanding bill will slowly be "forgiven" by First Energy. The company applies forgiveness on a monthly basis to a customer's account as long as they make their monthly CAP Payment.

The third component is participation in First Energy's free weatherization services, referred to as the WARM program. When a customer applies for CAP they must also complete a WARM application. The company will review the application and determine if the customer would benefit from the WARM services. Both home owners and renters are required to participate in WARM; Failure to do so is grounds for dismissal of the cap program.

Note: if the landlord of a building refuses to participate then the tenant can still remain on the CAP program.