Circle GraphicAbout BCCAA

Blair County Community Action Agency (BCCAA) was incorporated on June 8, 1965 as a private, non-profit corporation pursuant to Section 501 (c) [3] of the internal Revenue Code. The BCCAA assembles and directs federal and local resources to address the multidimensional influences which impact on the low income and socially disadvantaged people of Blair County. BCCAA has provided 34 years of uninterrupted direct and referral service to its constituents, functioning as a conduit for federal, state and local resources while addressing the causes and conditions of poverty and the economic under class in Blair County.


Our Philosophy

As an advocate for poor and near poor people, the Blair County Community Action Agency (BCCAA) involves its constituency in Community Action. We believe that those receiving services are best able to determine and address specific needs.

Agencies which serve as a catalyst to assist disadvantaged people secure the tools required to meet their needs, rarely have the same person serving as policy maker and client. Clients often become dependent upon institutions over which they have little or no control. The intent of the BCCAA is to guard against a continuation of this scenario. BCCAA offers its constituent clients an equal voice in the decision making process and therefore the recipient becomes a partner in the policy making process.

It is the belief of the Blair County Community Action Agency that all people are equal and should be included in all elements of the social and economic mainstream of life; and that all people have talents. Our primary role is one of encouragement for each person to use their talents and energies for the betterment of themselves, their families and their community. To do this, their basic needs must be met. The needy and those more fortunate must work side by side and share in the process. It is the role of the Blair County Community Action Agency to guide the less fortunate in addressing their needs so that they can take their place in society.

Mission Statement

The Blair County Community Action Agency (BCCAA) uses federal, state, and local resources to address the multidimensional and dynamic influences which impact on the low-income and socially disadvantaged people living in Blair County. BCCAA's philosophy is one of commitment to personal empowerment. Simply stated, people are equal and people have talent, but not all people have equal talent. Our role is to encourage our constituents to develop their talents to better themselves, their family and their community. The BCCAA assists its constituents in securing the tools and training necessary to meet their needs and to permit them to take a place in the mainstream of society.

To advance this principle, economically disadvantaged people and those more fortunate, work side by side in shared planning and policy development.